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First and Foremost, Please Red Our Terms & Conditions. This will help you understand our policies, such as cancellations, and answer many questions you may have.


Do you have Terms and Conditions that tell me about cancellations, When I need to make my payment, etc?
Yes, there are a few ways to find our Terms and Conditions. We have a tab on our website…Terms & Conditions. Second, our registration for has an “I agree to….” box that will have to be checked off before you can complete the registration. There is a link to the Terms & Conditions in this location as well. If you have any questions about our terms, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to registration.

I registered and mailed my check. How do I know if you received it and my table will be assigned?
You will receive a message via email that we have received your check. Your table will be assigned at that time. Simply registering does not guarantee a table. It is important to send your check as soon as possible after your registration.

I have purchased a table for an event and now I am unable to attend. May I get a refund? 
Our goal is to offer great Scrapbooking events at the lowest possible rates. To do this, we must book our events to capacity and we count on our registered attendees to be there. Therefore, there will be a $35 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds if cancellations occur within 30 days of the event and the full amount will be charged. We do have a wait list available for each sold out event. If we are able to place someone in your place, we may waive the cancellation fee. You can avoid a cancellation fee by finding someone to take your place. You may sell your table to a friend up to 14 days prior to the event. It will be your responsibility to collect your fees that have been paid from your buyer. Please notify us with the buyer’s (attendees) information immediately  Please read our event Terms & Conditions for further information.

Are meals provided?
Please see the Event Details on our website for events that do include certain meals, snacks, coffee bar, etc. If meals are not included with the event you can choose to visit one of the many restaurants within a very short distance of our locations. You may bring drinks such as coffee in the scrap room as long as they are in cups with lids . You may also bring in cocktails or wine. (DoubleTree requires drinks to be purchased at their bar….but who’s watching!)

Do you offer Gourmet Food and Deserts?
During our past 12 years of holding Scrapbooking Events, we found there is a very small percentage of scrappers who care about the gourmet food & desert gimmick. So, no, we do not offer this. A Passion For Scrappin’ Is all about SCRAPBOOKING and FUN. No gimmicks, no upselling, no gourmet meals. All of our resources go towards providing our scrappers with the best and latest tools to use while attending our events. Ott Lights & Cutting mats at every table, better venues and more products available for use, are just a few of what we give our guests!

Can I bring my Cricut machine and/or computer?
Yes. We have several Cricut Machines with a complete library of Cartridges available for use at no charge. However, some scrappers like to bring their own machines. Because we provide Ott Lights at every table, we will have limited power available. If you are bringing computers, please have the battery fully charged in case the power near your table is used by others.

How do I/we register for an event if we have a group that wants to sit together?
Most important: REGISTER EARLY! Please include the names of your group on your reservations to help ensure your group will be seated together. Please ask your group to register within a short time frame of each other so we can do our best to accommodate. Online registrations are recommended for table (group) requests. Email requests cannot be guaranteed.

Do you provide power at the tables?
We do provide power strips. However, we can not guarantee there will be enough outlets to serve everyone with multiple devises. If you are bringing computers, please have the battery fully charged in case the power near your table is used by others.

Do you provide Cricut Cartridges and machines?
We have hundreds of Cricut Cartridges free for use. We also have several machines for your use as well. You are free to use any cartridge you want. However, please be courteous and only take 1 or 2 cartridges at a time. Please return them as soon as you are finished using them so others can have the opportunity to use them as well. Not always, but it happens, scrappers forget and leave them on the table so we have to go on “the cartridge hunt” when someone wants to use a particular cartridge! Just consider me the Cricut Cartridge Nazi !

Does the hotel have a bar?
The hotel bar is open evenings and nights. Please feel free to bring a drink in while you are scrapbooking. A few libations may bring out the creativity in you!

Are we required to spend the night at the hotel, and if not, can we leave our materials in the craft room if we go home of the night?
You are not required to stay at the hotel. You are free to come and go. You may leave your items in the craft room. If we close the scrap room during the night for a few hours, the doors will be locked and only the Passion For Scrappin’ staff is authorized to open. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of your possessions.

Does the hotel have WIFI?
Yes, Please ask the front desk for the current password.

Do the hotel rooms have a refrigerator?
Please check the hotel’s website for your event.
Does the hotel have a restaurant?
Hyatt has a limited menu but does have burgers sandwiches, etc. DoubleTree has a very nice restaurant. You can also order food at the bar/pub.

Does the hotel provide a free breakfast if I stay overnight.
Yes. The hotel(s) do offer a free “continental buffet” breakfast for it’s overnight guests only. They do have a full menu which is an additional charge. Please see hotel’s website for further information.

Can I bring my iPod or other music players?
Yes, however, as a courtesy to fellow scrappers, if you bring a radio/iphone/ipod, etc, please use ear/head phones when listening to music.

Can I bring the desk chair from my room down to the scrap room?
The hotel has asked that we do not take chairs from the guest rooms into the conference room. The chairs rarely make it back to the room after the event and the staff has no idea which room the chairs belong to.

Can I Change My Table assigned To Me?
When our guests arrive for an event, I am occasionally asked if a seating assignment can be changed. I do try and accommodate group as they sign up however, rearranging at the time of the event is nearly impossible. We have a mix of single crafters and groups of crafters. Some groups are even numbered and some are odd numbered. Trying to arrange the tables to accommodate all the requests can be a challenge during the registration process. So, once it is worked out and tables are assigned, it is nearly impossible to make changes the day of the event. If I can suggest, if you have seating requests, please register online early and note any requests during your registration. I do my best to accommodate everyone.

Can I bring a friend who can sit at my table?
Each scrapper pays for their own table. 1 person per table, per event.

What time can I arrive?    
Please plan on arriving any time after the published start time.  The hotel may be in the process of setting up our craft room prior to the start time since the room may have been occupied by a prior event.

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend?
Yes, they must be at least 15 years of age to attend unless otherwise posted with the event info.

I tend to be really cold (or hot), can you regulate the scrap room’s air temperature?
Normally, the thermostats in most banquet/conference rooms only regulate temperature slightly. The hotel has a master control. We recommend bringing a light t-shirt up to a sweater or hoodie! The time of year will dictate this as well and if the Heat/AC is set correctly!

I only want to attend and pay for part of an event, is that possible?
Currently, we do not have those options available on our registration form.  Please contact us directly, we will work with you on a case by case basis. The easiest way to do this is to partner up with a friend who can only make part of the day as well. Please talk to one of us before making any arrangements like this. Starting in 2018 we will have additional options available that may include a similar option.

I am staying at the hotel. When can I check-in to my room?
Please check hotel’s website. Normally the hotel(s) check-in times are 3PM. Check-out is 3PM. Since our events begin earlier, once the scrap room is open,  you may bring you belongings in with you until check in time.



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