Our 2017 Fundraiser was a tremendous success!

We had 100 scrappers and YOU raised $6,000 to help Olivia receive her medical supplies!

No corporate sponsors – No donors – No deduction of costs
Totally Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who worked so hard in making this possible. Your incredible talents and artistic abilities made this an awesome event. Not only was this an event to help Olivia’s medical expenses, but our scrappers had a great time and many friendships were made. We are still talking about the best time we have had in a long time!

I would also like to thank the staff at The DoubleTree Hotel in Downers Grove. There are too many names to mention. The hotel manager and the entire staff helped make this possible as well. Our guests were amazed with the guest rooms, food, attention to the ballroom making sure everyone was taken care of, etc. The service was 5 star! We are very pleased that ALL of our 2018 events will be held at The DoubleTree-Downers Grove as well!

For those on the waitlist who could not get in, the 2018 event is already taking reservations. We are a year away and already just about 50% booked!

2nd Annual “The Time of Your Life” Olivia Fundraiser

October 5-7, 2018

WHERE:  Double Tree Suites, 2111 Butterfield Rd., Downers Grove, Illinois, 60515

TIME:  Friday 12pm – Sunday 5pm

bifita1The Time of Your Life

This is more than another great Scrapbooking Event. All of the proceeds will go towards The Oliva Rose Fund. Your tuition will be helping a 10 year old with Spina Bifita be able to continue with her needed surgeries, medical supplies and medications.

Olivia, my precious Granddaughter, was born with Myelomeningocele, a very serious type of Spina Bifida.  Blue Cross Blue Shield dropped Olivia from coverage the day after her first spine closure surgery at only two weeks old. Since then, it’s has been an uphill battle financially. She was denied “Affordable Healthcare” insurance. Olivia was finally approved for state funded Medicaid. The Illinois state funded program is a horror story of it’s own! Needless to say, very little has been paid by the state.

Olivia has undergone 11 major surgeries including, Spinal Closure, Multiple Tendon Releases of her ankle tendons, Multiple Tendon Releases of her Groin tendons, Tibia Torsion surgery, Removal of her Heel Bone, Both Bladder & Neck Reconstruction, Mace Surgery, Mitrofanoff, Bladder Surgery to inject Botox into the Bladder, Bladder Augmentation Surgery and 3 Tendon Lengthening Surgeries.

Olivia will need tethered cord surgery throughout her life. She will also need orthopedic surgeries as she grows, urology procedures, tendon releases and lengthening and steroid injections for rheumatoid arthritis, for the rest of her life as well.

Olivia is a very happy, caring and comical little girl. She is now in 3rd grade and getting used to maneuvering around the school with either a walker or wheelchair.

I’m sure Olivia will want to visit everyone at the event! She is the family’s socialite!

Speaking of the event, we will holding raffles for great prizes, table favors for everyone and a silent auction.

Laura Bartos will be holding a series of classes throughout the weekend.  A little FYI….she does amazing shadowboxes! These classes will be an extra cost. You will have a chance to register for classes soon. We will post additional notices on this page as well as our Facebook page as our plans develop.

The hotel will be offering special guest room rates. We will have that posted in 2018 as well (waiting for hotel code).

We will do our best to run power to every table. We will not have our usual tools and equipment available for use at this event. Please bring the tools and equipment you plan on using. Ottlights and Cutting Mats will be available to rent for this event.

A Saturday lunch will be available for only a small cost per person. This includes ALL YOU CAN EAT Sandwiches, Salads & Soup.

More information will be coming as we continue to plan the event.


Another Great Fundraiser Has Been Planned

Not only will this be a great event to attend but a great chance to help make a difference and volunteer with decorations, prize donations, etc? Please Contact Cathy!
June 22-24, 2018

pink-ribbon“I’m A Survivor”

This special event is in honor of Rachel Fairman-Adams. Rachel is the mother of Flozell Adams, a former offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. Flozell lost his mother to breast cancer while attending Michigan State University.

Funds will be donated to Flozell’s Awareness/ Research Foundation, THE FAIRMAN ADAMS PROJECT. All funds are spent towards breast cancer awareness education, free screenings in underprivileged communities, and a scholarship is being created for students who, like him, have lost a parent or guardian which may affect their secondary education aspirations.

We are in the process of making plans to have Flozell fly in on Saturday for the event!

More information about the project can be found here. http://www.fairmanadams.org.

We will be posing more event information soon.

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